about us


First of all

Let me introduce myself, I'm Nate, That's me during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. I'm probably not what you would have pictured when you envision sanitation. Well, the world changed, and you see those two babies, it is my duty to protect them.

My Babies

Let me just start by saying I have 5 children and 2 step children. 5 of them are almost grown, but these two, gosh, they are my restart, my world, my 2 month old baby girl Nova, and my wild, 16 month old boy, Kane.

The Struggle

My beautiful, wonderful, amazing, extremely patient wife works hard to make our home safe for these tiny hands and feet to run around and touch everything, and it is not easy, 5 teenagers and me, I am probably worse than all of them.

The Pandemic

So now there is a killer virus potentially on any surface we come in contact with. My babies don't even know their grandparents. It destroys my little boy when I leave because I used to pack him around everywhere with me. I used to never give a second thought to what is out there, now I wear a mask, and wash my hands, I never thought I would see the day.

Our Mission

Again, the world has changed,  we love our children very much and hoping that we can do our part to make the world a safer place for our babies, and for everybody.  I want to walk into a place and know that they have went above and beyond to insure that we help flatten the curve of Covid-19 and anything that comes for us in the future.

P. S.

Though not originally heath oriented, my lovely wife has won a hard fought battle and changed my stance on the environmentally friendly aspect of life. Turns out I like organic food, essential oils, and yoga, it was for her I developed a non-hazardous way to help deeply sanitize our home. What can I say, green is beautiful.