The Lowdown


What it is

This is a sterilization method. It is widely used in hospital operating rooms,  and to sterilize surgical tools and equipment. 

It is also used in high end hotels to give them that nice, never lived in smell.

Also approved by the FDA and used to clean a great deal of the food we eat.

We bring this treatment to you, your home or your business, to provide peace of mind and protect you, your customers, your friends and family, basically everyone that has contact in your space.


Ozone is generated by the sun when UV light hits oxygen, most of it is retained in the upper stratosphere and filters the suns rays into something we can handle. It is also produced in great quantities by lightning. This is why the world seems so clean and pure right after a massive thunderstorm. Our process is used in nature to clean and purify itself. 

Our Products

We use only EPA registered, bio-safe and non-toxic cleaning products, and also high-quality essential oils.

What makes this so great

This isn't your cleaning person, wiping down everything you own with a dirty rag and a weak solution of bleach. This is a scientifically proven, naturally provided process that will work much more efficiently than 25 people with rags and spray bottles full of who knows what.

Health Concerns

It can't be avoided, you will read or hear that ozone can be rough on your respiratory system, and yes this can be true, but we are professionals. Everything will be monitored and the air will be safe when you return back in. O3 is just oxygen, and it will degrade back into breathable O2 shortly after it is created. Your area will be ventilated and tested before you enter your space. Have you ever read the dangers on a bottle of bleach, or all purpose cleaner? Those chemicals are hard on the body and the environment, and they just don't disappear after their job is done. 

What you get

Peace of mind. Total area, complete sanitation. A fresh smelling area free of those lingering odors. You get a fast and friendly technician that cares about what they do. You get a high end, scientifically proven, quality driven service to stand on the front lines with you as we embrace the changing world and all the dangers that come with it.