Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really stay protected?

Yes, The formula we use is high quality with proven results. It statically bonds to any surface and protects it at a molecular level. 

Couldn't I just buy an Ozone Generator?

Yes, you sure can, but by experience I can tell you, it takes ALOT of ozone to make a difference, and if used improperly it could become a liability issue.

Why the Lightning Bolt?

We are Power.  Every time lightning strikes, the world is a little bit cleaner.

What exactly are you doing?

We will come in, calculate the most efficient crosswind setup, generate extreme quantities of Ozone, monitor the levels to make sure they are working, while gently ionizing and aggressively disinfecting the area.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a naturally occurring element. It is generated by lightning bolts, and also is the top layer of our atmosphere. It is a free radical, highly unstable compound also know as trioxygen, formed when you bond 3 oxygen molecules together.

What does Ozone do?

Ozone is highly reactive, it wants to turn back into oxygen. It does this by bonding and breaking things down on a molecular level. It basically oxidizes unwanted organic matter essentially corroding it to dust.

Does it kill Covid-19?

Yes, it will also kill the flu, colds,any virus or bacteria, along with fungus, mold, mildew, bugs, etc. It also will remove a variety of  chemicals, and VOC's like fresh paint.

Is this safe?

Yes, our treatment is natural. There will be no residue left behind, we will monitor the air to ensure your safe return to your super fresh, sanitized area.

Does this work?

Yes, through countless hours of research, and good old trial and error, we have developed a delicately blended process that is both quick and highly effective.

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natures own way of protecting plants from disease. With a this film of these miracle oils we can actually help you offset the regrowth of toxins all naturally, and also give you a very elegant fresh scent, that is both calming and invigorating.

What is a Peroxide Fog?

Peroxide is also an oxidizer, when delivered into your area it will penetrate the bio-film left behind by every day life and penetrate deeper into carpets and furniture. It greatly compliments the ozone treatment and after it does its job, it reverts safely back into water.